20 Cubic Metre
20 Cubic Metre


Agtrailer Multifeed Wagons are built tough for South Island conditions, which require larger loads, all-year round feeding and denser, more diverse feed types. The wagons are capable of handling all feed types (e.g. silage, balage, hay, straw and veggie mix). The Agtrailer Multifeed Wagons are all fully automatic allowing the operator to focus on the terrain ahead.

The 120 cubic metre comes standard with a swivel tow eye, back gate ladder, a gearbox floor and elevator drive system. The wheels & tyres for the wagon are 400/60x22.5 W&T and can be upgraded to 500/60x22.5 W&T. It is recommended that hydraulic brakes are to be fitted for safety purposes. See below for further additional accessories.


Fully Automatic

The floor and elevator drive systems operate in tandem with a hydraulic sensor control unit allowing the operator to focus on driving.


The heavy-duty design of the teaser bars, chains and drive system enable the wagon to handle denser more diverse feed types allowing all-year round feeding.


The 12 & 14m3 wagons can be upgraded to a larger capacity with bolt on side panel extensions. This allows the opportunity to upgrade wagon capacity at a later stage.


Steel parts are power blasted, epoxy primed and coated with two pack urethane for corrosion resistance. Chassis parts are hot-dipped galvanised while the side panels are high grade stainless steel.


All models are with an asymmetric, independently oscillating tandem walking beam axle. This improves manoeuvrability and reduces tyre wear on paved surfaces while maintaining good floatation suspension for rough surfaces.

Remote Greasing

No need to climb under the wagon as all greasing points are accessible from the sides of the machine. This comes standard for all machine models. An Automatic Greasing System is available as an optional accessory upgrade.

Bolt-On Parts

The shaft, chains, bars and stub axles are all easily removed ensuring minimum down time when servicing is required.

Road Compliant

All models of the Multifeed Wagon are less than 3.1m wide to eliminate piloting requirements. Hazard panels, LED rear lighting and hydraulic brakes are available as an additional accessory.

2-Chain System

Our studies show a '2-chain' floor system rather than a '4-chain' is found to be stronger and more durable with 13mm high tensile chains rather than 10mm chains.


Bin Capacity 20 cubic metre
Machine Axle Tandem
Stub Axles 90 sq stub
Standard Tyres 400/60x22.5 W&T
Custom Load Cells 3x20000kg
Ladder Standard
Floor & Elevator Drive Gearbox
Swivel Tow Eye Optional
Side Conveyor Width 1200mm
Tare ~5040 kg
Max Load Weight 12000 kg
Overall Length 8.1m
Overall Width 3.1m
Loading Height * 2.8m
Bin Length 5.0m
Bin Width 2.2m
Bin Height 1.6m

* With standard W&T


Load Cell & Display

The 12-16m3 wagons can be fitted with 6x5000kg load cells while 16HD-20m3 wagons can be fitted with 3x20000kg load cells.

Side Shift Conveyor

The hydraulic side shift extends the conveyor outward 250mm. This feature is useful for feeding into troughs.


The mudguards are hot-dipped galvanised and slim fitting around the tyres.

Hydraulic Brakes

They're recommended for 16-20m3 range while towing on hilly terrain and when carrying denser, heavier feed.

Lights & Hazard Panels

Get the LED Rear Lights and Hazard Panels fitted to your wagon if you are planning to tow the wagon on the road.

Bluetooth FX15 Android App

Monitor the weight of the feed in the wagon from the seat of your tractor on a supported Android Device.

Drawbar Skid

Save time while hitching onto the wagon. Replace the standard jack stand with a drawbar skid.
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Swivel Tow eye

The swivel tow eye is standard for 16-20m3 wagons. It is ideal for use on uneven terrain and is a safety feature to limit wagon rollovers.

Preventer Bar

Sits above the elevator to prevent round bales from being carried across as a whole and blocking the conveyor system.

Passive Steering Axle

Recommended on all larger feed wagons to enhance the manoeuvrability of the wagon.

Galvanised Sides

Galvanised sides is promoted for wagons to be used in high rainfall zones, protecting the wagon from the corrosive elements.

Auto Greasing System

An auto greasing system ensures continuous lubrication of your wagon when running, reducing costly unplanned downtime.